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Who's Making a Vegan Resolution?



Gooding: I will continue to eat vegan on the road and be proud of my diet. Thankfully for rock n' rollers of all stripes, Jack Daniels is vegan, and Oreos make a fine 3 a.m. postshow snack. Learn more about Gooding at GoodingMusic.com.


Romanita Claudia Iovan

Romanita Claudia Iovan, world-renowned fashion designer, former model, and founder and head of Romanitza fashion house, vows to follow a healthy vegan diet in 2013. Learn more about Romanita and House of Romanitza at http://romanitza.ro.


Rich Roll

Rich Roll: The power to change—really change—resides within you always. It's never too late to step into a better version of you. You only have to do one thing. Decide.

Author of Finding Ultra, Rich Roll is a 45-year-old, world-renowned vegan ultraendurance athlete, wellness advocate, husband, father of four, and inspiration to people worldwide as a transformative example of courageous and healthy living. Learn more about Rich at RichRoll.com.


Steve-O is an actor, MTV star, writer, stand-up comic, and all-around daredevil stunt guy who takes every opportunity he gets to promote the vegan lifestyle. Learn more about Steve-O at Steveo.com.


Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart

Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart: I vow to infuse play into every aspect of my life, and be fully present & playful with a life full of people, challenges, and moments that energize me.

Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart is the founder, president, and creative director of Vaute Couture, Inc. Her cruelty-free, fashion-forward jackets earn her fame among Hollywood’s A-list, including actress Alicia Silverstone, Ginnifer Goodwin, and Emily Deschanel. Follow Leanne and her new designs for 2013 at www.facebook.com/vautecouture.

Elizabeth KucinichElizabeth Kucinich: I vow to get a good night’s rest at least four times a week in 2013

Elizabeth Kucinich, director of government affairs for the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, sets forth to make the world a better place by advocating for people, animals, the environment, and sustainability. Follow Mrs. Kucinich at https://twitter.com/EJKucinich.

John Salley

John Salley: I will do something every day to enhance my life and the life of others.

Four-time NBA champion John Salley is an actor, wellness advocate, and entrepreneur. Learn more about John at JohnSalley.com.

Rip Esselstyn

Rip Esselstyn: I vow to tackle challenges immediately—instead of putting them off—in 2013.

Learn more about the former athlete, firefighter, and author of the Engine 2 Diet at TheEngine2Diet.com.

Kathy Freston

Kathy Freston: I resolve to cook a little more at home. I will keep my pantry and fridge stocked so I don't suddenly find myself famished with nothing healthy to eat. I'll freeze lots of leftovers so I can easily reheat them at a moment's notice. I know with this I'll eat out less, enjoy more nutritious food, and save money!

Kathy Freston is a health and wellness expert and a New York Times best-selling author. Learn more about Kathy at KathyFreston.com.


Brendan BrazierBrendan Brazier: I support Vegan Resolution—it's the best way to thrive in 2013!

Brendan Brazier is a former professional Ironman triathlete, author of Thrive, and creator of VEGA, an award-winning line of nutrition products. Learn more about Brendan at BrendanBrazier.com.

Meredith VieireMeredith Vieira: I vow to use almond milk instead of milk in my coffee.

Meredith Vieira is an award-winning journalist and special correspondent for NBC News.

Kris CarrKris Carr: In 2013, I resolve to expand my plant-based horizons by trying new and exciting recipes, experimenting more in the kitchen, and sharing my homemade meals with friends and family.

Kris Carr is the author of the award-winning Crazy Sexy Cancer book series. She is also the subject of the inspirational documentary Crazy Sexy Cancer, which she wrote and directed. Learn more about Kris at CrazySexyLife.com.

Rosanna DavidsonRosanna Davison: I resolve to continue to fuel my active lifestyle with nutrient-packed, plant-based foods.

Rosanna Davison, a former Miss World and Miss Ireland, stays busy as a top model, actress, freelance journalist, and health advocate. Learn more about Rosanna at RosannaDavison.co.uk.

Mallika SherawatMallika Sherawat: I resolve to continue to nourish my body, mind, and spirit with natural, living, plant-based foods.

Mallika Sherawat is a Bollywood star and a strong advocate for women's issues, environmental causes, and nutrition. Learn more about Mallika at MallikaSherawatWow.com.

Carlos AnayaCarlos Anaya: I resolve to host vegan dinner parties for friends and make my own plant-based protein shakes.

Carlos Anaya is the anchor for MY Lifestyle Extra on Fox News Latino in New York City. Learn more Carlos at CarlosAnayaOnline.com.